How to Identify Your Soul’s Purpose and Life Path - by Susan Olney

How to Identify Your Soul’s Purpose and Life Path - by Susan Olney

Originally posted by the lovely Susan Olney on her website, visit here.

Two of the most popular questions I’m asked by clients in readings: “What is my soul’s purpose?” or “What do I need to do to find my calling and be on my life’s path?”

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take an Eat, Pray, Love twelve-month journey around the world to figure it out! Although I have to admit –I love that movie and why not take that journey if you can? But the reality is, most of us don’t have that luxury.

Start by considering this…..Consider that there is not just one single path or purpose for each of us. Consider that our purpose, our path evolves as we do!  Consider that it’s a “Right-Now” Path!

Which means….

You are Always on Your Path and Fulfilling Your Purpose!

EVERYTHING you are doing right now is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. EVERYTHING is a purposeful, well-choreographed dance to the eventual fulfillment of what you’re meant to achieve in this lifetime – your soul’s purpose. 

I don’t know about you, but for me, that brings overwhelming relief. I’m not falling behind in some invisible, immeasurable rat race of human existence.

Does that mean you can stick your head in the sand and still make progress? The answer is No.  There has to be an intent, an attempt by you, even if that just means purposeful asking for and allowing of the Perfection of the Universe to flow into your life.

So, Where do You Start?

  • Cut yourself some slack.

We are our own worse critics. Where’s the manual that says what you should have accomplished by the time you’re 19 or 34 or 72? Become comfortable with the fact that you are where you are and it’s perfect. The use of affirmations (see my blog on how to incorporate them into your life) can be a useful tool to help get you there.  Affirm to yourself:

“I’m moving forward exactly at the perfect pace for this phase of my soul’s journey.”

  • Acknowledge Where You’ve Been!

Consider all of the progress you’ve made. We all have grown in some form or another whether it is emotional, spiritual, financial, or physical. Whatever that is for you – celebrate it! Once you’ve recognized and accepted it, affirm to yourself:

“I applaud my progress so far and I am excited about what I will learn and experience next.”

  • Follow your joy.

Every day, do something that fills your heart with true, no-regret, no-guilt, no doubt, genuine unadulterated bliss and affirm to yourself:

“Every day, I follow my joy. I am constantly expanding and evolving into the highest
version of me.”

This concept has changed my perspective. I no longer view myself as “lost” or “in search of my path”.

“I am always fulfilling my purpose.”

Each moment is as important as the other. When I reach the end of my journey, I’ll have accomplished exactly what I was meant to accomplish. Just like I am today, I will be exactly where I need to be.



Decision making, dropping the "yeahbuts" and feeling the vibration!

Decision making, dropping the "yeahbuts" and feeling the vibration!

Just how far we've come.

Just how far we've come.