A life of significance is about being in service to others, those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose.
— Kevin Hall

Happy Clients


Jocelyn has been an amazing and powerful force behind my quest to become healthier and stronger.  She provided a great foundation nutritionally and helped teach me how to feed my body properly and personalized it to my needs.  During this process, we discovered that I was having some additional health issues and she was instrumental in connecting me with another resource to help me identify and overcome those issues.  Jocelyn is a wealth of information when it comes to the body.  She balances that knowledge with a wonderful positive attitude and great compassion.  Jocelyn will be a part of my world for years to come! –



Sabrina is a very special person with the purpose of helping people. She has done so much for me. 



When I first met Susan I felt this immediate connection with her before I even knew what she did. After going through some major health issues and changing careers I felt out of balance in so many ways. After starting sessions with Susan I began to feel more focused and had more clarity around my purpose in life and the journey I am on. I connected with my spiritual side again and started feeling more like my old self. Susan is warm and friendly and she truly cares about your wellbeing. She has this unique gift and I highly recommend working with her

- Jamie S.


Roman is an absolute inspiration and exemplifies the adage: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” You won’t find a better trainer and mentor. He also has the ability to recruit the highest quality trainers. In his gym, we are all family.

- Bryan A.

I had the pleasure of inviting Timothy to speak to my seventh graders at Horizons Hampton Roads, a nonprofit enrichment program for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. His powerful lessons challenged my students’ perceptions of themselves, the world around them, and their role models, allowing them to discover that they have the capability to become the kind of person whom they admire. My students, who are typically reserved when being given a presentation by someone they’ve not met before, opened up quite beautifully; the most poignant example of this is that one girl, who usually builds quite a wall around herself, actually teared up when discussing the admirable qualities of her role model. Even more touching, this student wrote Timothy a letter of thanks, stating in it: “You made me really think about all the potentially amazing things I could do with my life. (Read more here)



Tracy, I think you helped me break through more of my own excuses and heavy stuff in one session than I have in several therapy sessions. You are a gift and have found your calling as a coach.

— Nikky


Jessica, our work together helped me to center, ground, and come back to my spirit after a grueling annual process at work (which of course is starting all over again!). You held the space for me to come alive again in my own space outside of my corporate responsibilities while at the same time helping me apply some strategies there.


Yesterday was life changing for sure. The talk with you, Tracy, definitely opened my eyes. I can confidently say my relationship with my son will get better because of that talk. Thank you so much, I am grateful to have met you!

— s.R.


Jocelyn’s knowledge, professionalism, and profound desire to share her enthusiasm for heath and wellbeing are unmatched!  More than just sending a tailored program, she also followed up regularly to see what issues or questions I had, and even went so far as to prepare some of the more complicated breakfast drinks for me when I had trouble doing it right myself.  Jocelyn truly believes in her craft and will go beyond expectations to make sure that yours is a worthwhile experience! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seriously interested in improving their health.

–David Z.


The concept of coaching may be a bit of an unknown to you, whoever you are, reading this. What does it entail, what will be required of me, or even what it can help accomplish are all questions someone may wonder. But the beauty of working with someone like Tracy, is in her understanding that there is truly no one-size-fits-all solution or approach to the process. She is a woman of knowledge and wisdom that transcends anything that could be put on paper, or explained in a brief bio. Her manner of helping you uncover the root causes of why you behave or think in a certain way are so unique and poignant. Somehow she is like a gentle hug and swift kick in your ass all at the same time, and I can assure you that you will appreciate the clarity and perspective she helps you discover within your own life. Just by simply spending time chatting with Tracy about the various areas of my life where I feel “stuck” or at a loss of what to do next, she helped me look at things from a different angle, and understand that to work through these things, I must first truly know and respect what my own strengths and gifts are. Only then can I stop comparing what my journey will look like in comparison to anyone else, and tackle challenges and embrace opportunities with a whole heart and clear mind. I would highly recommend investing in yourself to see what coaching can bring to your life.


Sabrina has helped me time and time again when I’m feeling stuck or lost. Her understanding, ability to offer me perspective, and provide guidance is outstanding. She has truly changed my life. 

— Gabriella 


First, let me just say that if you are ever drawn to work with Susan I hope that you take the leap and do so! I have had such a positive experience between a healing session and medium reading, and Susan is truly an angel. She cares so much about how things are going and if you ever have any questions she is there. I am going through life changes of discovering my own gifts, and Susan has been so helpful and kind which I am so grateful for! Our healing session was such an amazing experience, and one I didn't realize I needed but am very thankful for. The medium reading was so beautiful and comforting that I am so glad I decided to follow my intuition and book one. Many thanks and much love to Susan for such wonderful experiences and I hope if you are drawn to her you give yourself the gift of working with her! 



Susan's sessions have changed my life. Susan connected with my spirit team; a spirit guide, my grandfather, and a little girl that is now part of my higher self. I didn't realize how much my heartache was affecting my life until it came up in the session. Balancing and beginning to heal this has increased the clarity in my life. Since following Susan's guidance a new job opportunity has come up, my dad called randomly to tell me he loves me (he usually wouldn't do this), I have realized a significant relationship in my life is not working, and I have moved forward with my spiritual gifts.  If you are ready to see changes in your life I highly recommend a reading with Susan. Take action on the guidance she gives.

-Chanel E.