Our tribe of coaches!


Tracy Holemeyer - Uncontrollably Me, life coach, Coaches Are Us, founder. Coaching life, family and trauma recovery and growth. A domestic violence and sexual assault survivor helping others acclimate back into life. Let’s chat, meditate, seek grace, bloom like the lotus through the mud.


Susan Olney - Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer and Psychic Medium. Using my intuition, mediumship and healing abilities, I help to facilitate positive transformation in others. Together we can ignite your intuition and develop a deeper understanding of your spiritual self.  Let’s create a more abundant, fulfilling, passionate and peaceful you


Sabrina Suarez - Life and confidence coach. I love helping men and women become reacquainted with themselves, explore their passions, and work toward their dreams. Coaching allows me to see the change happen. I have front-row seats to the most impactful transformations of a lifetime.


Jessica Lackey - Corporate and career coach, holistic nutritionist. Are you overworked, overwhelmed, and yet still not feeling successful? Do you also wish you had the time and energy for family, friends and hobbies? I help professionals who are ready to break the vicious cycle of burnout and to step into the life they desire. Are you ready to redefine success and start living life on your own terms?

Jocelyn Sidwell - Level Lifestyle, health and wellness coach. Life is about proper balance, and I will help you find yours to take your health and fitness to the next level! 


Timothy September - Life and empowerment coach. I'm willing to help you change your life - relationship - business - spirit; because I've been there before and understand what it's like to have your loved ones reject you. Help me, help you, create your best YOU.


Aleah Cheri Roberts RN, BSN - Radiant Truth Guide. I serve those who are ready for change through Lazer Reiki sessions, Tantric Couples Reiki, RN Resiliency Coaching, Laughter Yoga, a new YouTube channel, in the process of calling in Embodiment  Dance Retreats, and intuitive work. 


Roman Garanzuay - Fitness coach. Coach Roman creates an environment for all to start where they are. He is fluent in all levels of training from beginner to expert with a goal of helping you reach yours.