Life coaches

Strong like bourbon, sweet like tea.

Strong like bourbon, sweet like tea.


Hi there! I have been called to help others all of my life. Often, when I felt I was at my lowest, I would be presented with an opportunity to help someone. There, I always learned more than I could have imagined. We all struggle, in fact, it is in that exact spot, where we all are connected.  We all know pain and suffering, we all know when there is a piece missing or we wish for better for ourselves.  Experience and pain are personal, there is no measure of what others feel, but we all do feel.  Through much experience of my own and alongside others I have managed to create a space to learn, grow, evolve and I would love to help you get there too.  Coaching is expressing my truths in a way that invites others to be vulnerable in their own.

Change can be scary, facing truths can sometimes shake us up a bit, fear is a limiting belief that stands in our way at times.  But, what emerges on the other side of doing the work is a better version of you and the ability to make significant improvements in your own life.  As a coach I will help you uncover your most authentic self, we work together in creating the life you desire, I will provide you with encouragement and help to overcome what is holding you back. 

When coaching someone, I am their biggest cheerleader.  I am there to help them feel empowered and supported in making changes to their life while providing a safe and judgment-free environment.  I believe we all have it within us to make change but it can feel scary to do it alone, being a coach and helping others become the best version of themselves they can be is the pleasure of my life.

Exploring your own story is not something everyone needs but it is something everyone deserves so congrats on making it this far, imagining a great life is the first step in having one! I look forward to working with you!

Remember it is courage and fear, not one or the other. - Tracy


Timothy September

Life can get tough and often times we don't know what our next move should be to fix our problems or issues. Almost every activity has a coach: Football, work mentorships, management, and even your kid's little league team; but what about a coach for your life? Someone that can help you navigate the obstacles that we sometimes allow to hold us back. Someone we can trust to truly have our best interest at heart and guide us through the experiences in our life that are demanding, stressful, or confusing. A life coach is JUST that person.

Let me help you change your life: be it relationships, business, or even how we feel with our personal wellness whether it's spiritually, physically, or emotionally. I've been there and understand what it's like to battle hardships. At one point I use to be miserable, overweight, and struggle to make ends meet. All of that changed once I figured out that the depression I was in was something I could climb out of with the right tools and help. I can help guide you to a better place and space towards creating your best YOU. I don't do this by giving you advice - but I do this by climbing into the hole with you and teaching you how to climb out yourself - with me next to you the entire time.


Sabrina Suarez

Hello there, friends! My name is Sabrina. And I am happy. It’s not something many people lead with, but I feel as though it describes the most important thing you need to know about me. One could also describe me as an artist, author, advocate, goal-chaser, soul-searcher, life & confidence coach, etc., but above all else I am happy. This is the most important thing you need to know because it has taken so much time, effort, and work emotionally and physically to get to this place. I am glad that I have learned immensely from my journey and am so thankful I get to say I am happy. 

Happiness lives without limits. My happiness is derived from myself and is everything I have built it up to be – no less. It can be tested but prevails unapologetically. It’s light. It makes me feel on top of the world. It means everything to me, and now that I know how magnificent it is, I’m looking to share it with you.

You see, I believe that others deserve to feel the same way. I want to share what I’ve developed so I've made it my mission to help others achieve what I have achieved; becoming the most bad-ass, confident, authentic, and fulfilled version of myself. This passion inspired the creation of Sabiartistry and my choice to pursue life and confidence coaching. I have always loved the helping professions, which originally drew me to the field of Social Work. After obtaining a Bachelors of Social, becoming a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Massachusetts, and continuing my education with a Masters of Social Work, I got a better idea of how I wanted to serve others. I then looked further into the coaching profession.

 Coaching speaks to me because it enables me to work one-on-one with individuals and discover what makes them truly special. I love helping men and women celebrate who they are: Strong, beautiful, and powerful. I love helping men and women become reacquainted with themselves, explore their passions, and work toward their dreams.

 Coaching allows me to see the change happen. I have front-row seats to the most impactful transformations of a lifetime. It excites me like nothing else, watching people have breakthrough after breakthrough and accomplish their goals. I am going to help people achieve change and reach their full potential.  

Are you going to be one of them?