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Jocelyn Sidwell - Level Lifestyle

Jocelyn has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. At a young age, she learned the importance of proper nutrition and how essential it is to consume real food to fuel the body.  Even with this knowledge, as many do, she still phased through different fad diets to find her level of optimal health. After years of trial and error, trying to find the most ideal and healthy way of eating, she found her balance with clean eating and a little indulgence. Jocelyn discovered the importance of nourishing the mind and body. Now, she counsels her clients to find that same balance-based lifestyle. Her approach is simple: less is more and eating healthy doesn't have to be hard. 

Level Lifestyle was created and launched in 2012 after completing her health coach certification with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is also board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Once a few valued clients pursued Jocelyn to personal train them she realized an element was missing from Level Lifestyle. 

Her certification with The National Academy of Sports Medicine was completed in 2015, enhancing what Level Lifestyle has to offer to its’ clients. Her passion for nutrition continues and in July 2017 was certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist with NASM as well.

What makes Jocelyn unique is her ability to help her clients establish a way of exercising, eating and living that takes into consideration the clients’ lifestyle. Life is about proper balance, and Jocelyn will help you find yours to take your health and fitness to the next level! 


Aleah Cheri Roberts RN, BSN - Radiant Truth Guide 

Reiki Dancer: Life is our playground and can be an expressive dance of liberation as we learn to connect and focus more on what we love and allow our lives to unfold into more of that. 

I walk alongside those ready to respond to their lives, reflect their strength as shedding occurs, and hold space for those who choose to step into their ability to Be their truth with ease.

My journey through life has been one of forgiveness of others alongside parents doing the best they know how challenged with addictions, child of 16 year custody battle, and other experiences that became portals of transformation.

The next phase was ownership of all that I, at the time, was unawaredly repeating, loving and forgiving myself, and now holding space for continual growth in myself and all others ready to walk alongside me on their path to a deeper connection to their higher calling, higher self, most expanded reflection, while softening into the greatest version of who they are right now. 

I serve those who are ready for change through Lazer Reiki sessions, Tantric Couples Reiki, RN Resiliency Coaching, Laughter Yoga, a new YouTube channel, in the process of calling in Embodiment  Dance Retreats, and intuitive work. 

Live your inspired life full of vitality! Contact:


Roman Garanzuay - Hybrid Beach Crossfit

Fitness coach - I understand that being active while focusing on nutrition and recovery is the most efficient path to physical and emotional health.  I also understand that preferred methods of activity vary from person to person.  In order to combat chronic disease and malnutrition, exercise should be implemented by individual prescription.  

Coach Roman creates an environment for all to start where they are. He is fluent in all levels of training from beginner to expert with a goal of helping you reach yours. He is a great supporter and applies techniques to fit all of your fitness needs. He has overcome many obstacles in his own fitness journey and understands how to make a ‘comeback’ and all of the challenges that can come with it.

His focus is to help you be your best, however that looks and feels to you! He will get to know you first to best assist you and your fitness goals and growth.

Forget what you think you know…

...about training. About Fitness. About Strength. About yourself. Whatever your goals are - whether it's getting lean, becoming a better athlete, joining a group of quality people who will support you in your journey, or simply getting a good workout under the supervision of a trained coach...Hybrid Beach CrossFit and Coach Roman can help you meet those goals. And surpass them.