Frequently Asked Questions

Kindness expands the light within us and reaches out to touch the light in others as well.


What is included in the free consultation?

At Coaches Are Us, we believe finding the right coach for you is a huge part of your success. Your first chat gives you some one-on-one time with a coach, usually 15-25 minutes to get to one another and what to expect. We like to use this quick introductory time so you will know that you have a trusted confidant, someone fully devoted to your growth and expansion. In turn, your coach will know that you are committed and ready to move forward.

** A few coaches here do not offer a free consultation, but do offer the same session for a small fee, still very worth it!


There is currently no fee for checking out the coaches, it is our gift to you in hopes that you find one who can assist you the most! Each coach has their own programs and pricing. Generally, this can be discussed during your intro chat and tailored to your needs.

Where are you?

All over! We have a community that spans the world and uses today’s tools to connect without disruption! Some coaches may meet you if local, telephonically and/or using meeting rooms online.

What made you start CAU?

I believe we all deserve an amazing life. Often, when we get stuck, face a loss, can’t see our way through etc. we only need a small amount of encouragement to radically change our lives. I was lucky enough to find my coach online, but try googling life coach… you either get someone as expensive as the top-rated (famous) coaches or an inundation of sales pages. Life can feel really hard sometimes, needing help doesn’t make us needy and I wanted to create a platform of like-mindedness to reach as many people as possible…. it all came from dropping in and meditating, giving a great big “thank you” to all of those helping in service of others and my desire to help them reach even more amazing humans.

How do I find out more?

Visit out coaching pages, we have highlighted each coach and what they believe in and offer. There are also links to each of their individual websites.

How can I become a CAU coach?

We would love to hear more about you!! Head over to the contact page and send us a message. We will get back in touch ASAP, and thank you for your interest in helping others!

With your help, I have transformed my life, how can I submit a testimonial?

We love all feedback! Please use the contact us page to submit your information and we will review it. If selected to post we will allow for anonymity or have you agree for CAU to use your post in writing.


See your coach.

Coaches are us

We are simply a platform to assist you in finding a coach, mentor, or guide. The activity with your coach, the work you do, the interaction is completely between you. We are not liable or responsible for any outcomes, sessions or progress. We will not sell your information or abuse confidentiality in any way.