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Jessica Lackey

Jessica Lackey

Jessica Lackey- Corporate and Career Coaching 

I work with professionals who are working hard, almost or at burnout, but are not living the life they dream of and often not even getting the “success” at work they desire. So many of us are driving so hard that we enter into the vicious cycle. You take away from the rest of your life, your life becomes your work, and you have less to give in all aspects. You may not even be able to show up at your best when you are at work! You dream of being rested, being strategic or creative, and being connected instead of being overworked, scattered, and on edge at work and at home.

I’ve been where you are. My whole life had been focused on career and achievement, moving through undergrad, consulting, and business school. I started a big corporate job in Supply Chain a decade ago and loved the work. I was busy, engaged, but working really long hours like a former consultant. Fast forward a few years, to being overweight and tired all of the time, working in a job with even crazier hours and immense stress, and generally feeling unhappy. I was on the downward spiral of stress contributing to poor food choices contributing to stress. I had gone to my naturopath who told me that not only did I have adrenal fatigue but my symptoms were getting worse. She told me that the first place I needed to start with my health was to get my stress under control. I needed to get back to my core and discover who “Jessica” was and how to live a life I desired.

I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist at The Wellspring School of Healing Arts to learn how to be kind to my body and nourish my whole soul through nutrition and wellness principles. I became a Life Coach, knowing that I needed to explore the blocks surrounding my own physical, mental, and emotional energy and that I could help others break through their challenges.I am currently training as an Awaken Your Life master life coach to connect even deeper to my soul and my spirit to best serve my community.

Coaching is a powerful process to help you understand the drivers of your “vicious cycle” and overwork patterns. We have our own belief systems, our own models of the world, that dictate how we see life and how we interpret events. Our models of the world may have assumptions and beliefs that are holding us back from our true potential. Coaching allows someone else to hold space to view ourselves, without limits, to see what is possible for each of us. Together, we help you challenge your beliefs and stories, set new patterns based on living the life you desire, and work together to turn that into reality.