Exploring your own story, making a big change, speaking your truths, learning and growing is not something everyone needs but it is something everyone deserves.


Coaches Are Us is dedicated to helping you find the best fit for you. We have coaches from all over willing to help you in many different areas of life. From wellness, life, relationships, trauma recovery, spiritual, financial, overcoming and more, you are sure to find a match for you.


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We have gathered some great coaches, guides, and mentors to make finding yours an easy process. Each coach has provided a bit of info and links to their websites. Get curious, explore, let us know how we can help!

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What Is a Coach?

Definition: A person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

Meaning: Our goal is to help you create a life you love, to empower you to make change, and facilitate your growth to accomplish your life’s desires. We do that, not by having all of the answers, but by having the right questions to lead you to your truths and helping you overcome with new skills and tools.

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Submissions from our team with everything from testimonials, great reads, even recipes and travel fun.

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We take the stress out of finding your coach.

Life can feel hard, let us not just focus on the problems but how we feel about and react to them. That is what will set us free. - Tracy